What is that!? Is a plane? Is a shell? Is a… What 8O ?? UFO :?:  X File ka? UFO landing in our tropical city, Kota Kinabalu (KK)!!?

What!? UFO is Cow Dung


Is a long story… This story is started since 1955… In Sandakan, that was one man. He accidently created this story – Cow Dung. He is the founder of the Cow DungMaster Fu Ah Oh!



Here is the history of UFO. UFO is a famous dessert originating from Sandakan over 50 years ago. The dessert had a nickname in Cantonese – “ngao si” tart, or “cow dung” tart. A Hainanese baking master, Fu Ah On, created the original recipe and started selling the tarts at his restaurant. His friends named the dessert “ngao si” tart when he burnt the tarts one day. The natives who frequented his restaurant called the dessert UFO due to its appearance. UFO was well received and became a popular dessert. Today, UFO is found in many local restaurants and is one of the delicacies unique to Sandakan.


UFO is kind of dessert with a pillow-soft vanilla-flavoured cake base topped with fluffy egg white and centered with smooth creamy custard – each mouthful with a perfect balance. 


I helping his grand daughter – Daphne (3nd generation of UFO) designed the flyer. The image for this flyer is taken by nokia n73 from Sandakan. 

I use Adobe Photoshop to enchance the image. And I use Indesign to design the layout.


很榮興能為牛屎挞第三代傳人做設計。我是用Adobe CS3 Design Premium做這設計。