WOoow! Finally The Outstanding Young Person of Sabah (TOYPS) 2009 is over… I’m not the official photographer for this event. I’m in charge of the TOYPS 2009 multimedia presentation. This is my working space. 8) My MacBook Pro.

TOYPS Gala Dinner

Aug 15 @ 5pm – I went to the event hall for test & run my presentation… To make sure that my show would have error. And colour collection of the 2 big screen projectors. This event was held on Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort.TOYPS Gala Dinner

Before the event start. I took some of the scene for my own use.
TOYPS Gala Dinner

27 tables…. I hope is full. That night I miss out a lot of things… What to do… :?  TOYPS Gala Dinner

TOYPS 2009 Multimedia Presentation. Play it. Hope you all enjoy it! :D

JCI KK & TOYPS  on Borneopediamalaysianmirror. If you wanted to know more about JCI KK & TOYPS news. Please visit them. ;)


How was TOYPS 2009 Gala Dinner ? This is it.
Left screen show multimedia presentation & right screen show live. :? The backdrop no so perfect… No balance and too small. What to do.TOYPS Gala Dinner

This corner is our working team area.
TOYPS Gala Dinner

With my iPod Touch I can leave my laptop as far as I can.
See! Now I’m in the middle of the hall, I still can control my show & shooting.TOYPS Gala Dinner

Even though in front of the stage used my wide angle lens shot Roger Wang…. :wink:  TOYPS Gala Dinner

TOYPS 2009 Honouree of Scientific and Technological Development – Calvin Tang Kiat Chun!TOYPS Gala Dinner

TOYPS 2009 Honouree of Political, Legal and Government Affairs – YB Datuk Rosnah
TOYPS Gala Dinner

我們的過失,希望你們多多諒解。 :oops: 我們後會有期! :wink: