May 3, 9:00am –  Today is the opening of Sabah Fest! They are 20 booths participated in Sabah Fest.

Sabah Fest’s booths. A visited tour…

Sabah Pearls sabah-peal.jpg

Sabah Tea sabahtea.jpg

Simply Chocolate chocolate.jpg

Tenom Coffee coffee.jpg

Sabah Art Gallery art1.jpg

Sabah Natural Wild Living Raw Honey honey.jpg

Local Snacks & Ginger snack.jpg

Traditional Food food.jpg

Kraftangan Malaysia karaf.jpgkaraf1.jpg

Sabah Tourism Board stb1.jpg

KadaiKu kadaiku3.jpgkadaiku11.jpgkadaiku5.jpgkadaiku21.jpg

Murut & Lundayeh murut.jpgmurut1.jpgmurut4.jpgmurut3.jpg

Melayu Brunei melayu.jpgmalayu1.jpgmurut2.jpgmalayu2.jpg

Bajau bajau5.jpgbajau1.jpgbajau2.jpgbajau3.jpgbajau4.jpgrugus3.jpg

Neobayu Spa spa.jpg

Sabah Batik batik1.jpgbatik.jpg

Rungus rugus.jpgrugus2.jpg

Kadazandusun kadazan.jpgkadazan1.jpg

The making of Papar Headgear (Magaret Kiet) rugus1.jpgkadazan2.jpg

The making of Sompoton sampotong2.jpgsampotong1.jpgsampotong.jpg

Living style of Kadazandusun…                                                                          kadazan11.jpg

Last but not least… Photo Shoot and Traditional Costume Section photo2.jpgphoto.jpg

7:00pm – The Launching of Sabah Fest will be start at 8:00pm… (to be continuous – final) photo11.jpg