Feb 6 – Brenda’s Hens Party at @tmosphere… This is my first time shot Hens Party. 8O The theme of the night is Arabian night! The programme of the night also very interesting! Just like Aladdin 101….


Hen’s night is on!                                                           Branda

Brenda is the hen of the night! & hens party games just begin…Brenda

Q&A to the hen… “Since when…? & how…?”         Brenda

Brenda answer in action… (the question very tricky.)                BrandaBrandaBrandaBrenda

Next is open gift hen… I like this part very fun and meaningful!Branda

What is that!? Oooops….!                                           BrendaBrendaBrandaBrendaBrenda

Recording interview for Feb 14 wedding show… Brenda

Arabian sexy contest.                                                                        BrendaBranda

The host have something to say… Tonight is her last night for title of ‘Miss’!Branda

Cheers!! Hidup Miss!                                                     BrendaBrandaBrenda

Lets party!                                                                        Brenda

Mc of the nite.                                                                                         Brenda

Support from sisters.                                                     Branda

Arabian nite group photo. (Please click on the picture for enlarge.)

Group Photo