Want to have a closer look at Borneo Monkey – Proboscis MonkeyLabuk Bay Probscis Monkey Sanctuary is the place!

Labuk Bay Probscis Monkey Sanctuary is situated at the heart of the mangrove forest near Semawang village, along the coastal of Labuk Bay. It is 38  km or 1 hour drive from Sandakan Airport. sandakan-airport.jpg

Bangkatan House which is the place to sit and relax at the viewing balcony during the feeding time and watch around 60 of them leaping from tree to tree, coming close to their regular meals specially provided by the Sanctuary. Below is the interior & exterior of Bangkatan House. bangkatan.jpgbangkatan-in1.jpgbangkatan-hse.jpgbangkatan-out.jpgview.jpg

The best viewing prior is 11:30 am to 4:30 pm. Below the scenes I shot at 4:30 pm just after the rain. The forest look fresh and clean. This observation balcony has been erected to provide an excellent site and breathtaking close up view to watch proboscis monkeys during the feeding times.smile2.jpgsmile.jpgonly.jpg

Do you know what is proboscis sit on? Mangrove tree root? Yup. But is not a real root! It is a artificer root. Below the photo I shot at 190mm.


A real scene of a true story that had been documented and televised several times on the Animal Planet Channel. A documentary about the monkeys had been filmed here and aired several times on the channel. If you really want to see the Borneo’s biggest nose close-up… This is the place!

See how close I can capture with this couple.                          hw.jpg

This Proboscis Monkey like to take photo. He know how to posing…model.jpgposing.jpg

After so many posing… he felt a sleep… zzZ                           sleepy.jpg

Young Proboscis Monkey                                                                model1.jpgyoung1.jpghru.jpg

Beside Proboscis Monkey. Silver Langur also can find here… ms.jpgsilver-langur.jpgsilver-langur11.jpg

Hornbill                                                                      hornbill1.jpghornbill.jpg

Plantain Squirrel                                                         plantain-squirrel.jpg

Next, I want to try shoot bird. So I have to wake up early morning walk. way1.jpg

My assistant Daniel. He is very experience in this Sanctuary. my-assistant.jpg

He told me a lot of knowledge and story of the Proboscis Monkey. Do you know Proboscis Monkey cannot eat sweet food? Sweet food will kill them!

My mission  failed! 70 – 200 mm lens + Extender EF 2x…. Can’t capture a good bird’s photo. See below… you will know what I mean.


Daniel bring me to other place to shoot Proboscis Monkey. way.jpgfemale-proboscis.jpgmale.jpgjump.jpggroup1.jpg

Fiddler Crab                                                                   fidder-crab1.jpg

Nipah Lodge nipah-lodge.jpg

I bring my MacBook Pro when I traveling for download my daily shoots & my Boardband for communicate to the world. (shot at 6 am)


Assignment done! Goodbye nature! Back to city with my red bird! airasia.jpg