5th Malaysia H.O.G. Rally 2008 – The official Chapter sanctioned by the Harley Owners Group International, Harley Davidson Owners Group (HOG) Malaysia did thier National Rally in Sabah (May 29 ~ June 3, 2008) attracting Harley owners locally and internationally from USA, England, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Japan, Thailand, Germany and Brunei.

I miss out on some of the adventure HOG trip. Cos I don’t have Harley…. :-( I only have Honda bike… EX5 100cc. No allow to join them.

So I check the HOG programs for public from Sabah Tourism.  Bike display in front of City Hall building at 9am… I miss again… cos that nite I aramai ti, moginum month bah.

At last I managed to Star to took HOG Field Event that was in the noon time…

HOG Rally Carnival by Shangri-La’s Tg. Aru Resort. harleys.jpgharley-logo.jpgharleys1.jpgphoto.jpg

Charity ride with the Orphans waiting.jpgmalaysia-chapter.jpgriderme.jpgharleykid.jpghappy.jpg

Kids love Harley. They are really enjoy the ride! They happy, bikers happy, I also happy too.when.jpgi-wan.jpgmy-turn.jpg

I took some of the motion photos. VROOoomM……!! speed.jpgsuper-fast.jpg

Happiness of HOGs & Orphans                                  romantic.jpg

Next, is Bike games. Photographs are you ready! standby.jpg

Thailand group. This game is test the balancing of the riders…        ball.jpgstandby1.jpgmy-ball.jpg

Next team in action.                                                                             next.jpgorange-ball.jpgorange-ball1.jpgorange-ball2.jpgorange-ball-4.jpg

Next game is Sausage/Hot dog bite: Hanging up the sausage. hot-dog.jpg

Safety test – take 1! Oops! Too hight can’t bite!                       testing.jpg

Safety test – take 2! Sikit lagi! take2.jpg

Participant practicing.                                                    in-action.jpg

Game start! Bite in action! HAHaha…Almost near!                       loss.jpg

ERRrrrrr…….??                                                                              loss2.jpg

Here is the winner!! See her bite on the move! Don’t play play ya! winner.jpgwinner2.jpgwinner3.jpgwinner4.jpg

After the game. Indonesia Chapter teaching members and Orphans dance POCHO POCHO.harley-pocok.jpgpocok2.jpgpocok3.jpgpocok.jpg

Next post is HOG Rally Charity Dinner. ticket.jpg